Here's why a site with only 50 visitors a day earns more than those with 500 or more...

Read on to discover how 5 minutes of your time TODAY can be the difference between struggling to "make it" online and systematically pulling in profit with ease...

So many marketers and webmasters have a one track focus on web TRAFFIC - the problem with this mentality is that it is a quantity of quality thought process. There is no point in have thousands of hits a day if you are not converting them. It is much like have 100,000+ mailing list and still truggling to earn a good living from it.

Some of the best marketers that I have personally met are managing lists less that half of that, but they are making more than most doctors.

Why is that?

The simple answer is they are CONVERTING their traffic - a simple change of thought process leaning towards conversion over traffic. Once you are able to convert the visitors you are already getting you can then shift focus to increasing your traffic.

With that said we need to look at how to join the elite marketers that are coverting 5% of their traffic and earning a REAL income from Internet Marketing programs.

So what are they doing that you are not?
It's simple - they are using tried and trued tools to manage the traffic that they receive.
  • Exit/Entry Popup windows
  • Opt in forms for mailing lists
  • Last Chance offers
  • Managing opt-ins with autoresponders
  • Simple giveaways (reports, PLR articles etc...)

I use my opt-ins and give aways to build my list, my list generates a six figure income on it's own!
~veteran Internet Marketer CR

Is doubling your site income worth 5 minutes of your time?

What if you could triple or even increase the conversion rate of your affiliate site by 400%

S ounds too good to be true right? Well it takes literally 5 minutes to double your conversions using just a simple exit pop opt-in form. Once you have your customers have opted in you can take your time and build a relationship thus turning one of the 99% of people that leave your site with nothing into a solid prospective buyer in your niche market.

I literally doubled the traffic coversion on my crappy site by simply using an exit popup with an opt-in form.

Using this process I offer that exiting visitor a special promotion and one last chance to covert them into a customer instead of just a "hit".


When I was a very successfull brick and mortar sales manager and trainer one of the most valuable lessons I taught my sales people was that just because someone leaves today does not mean that you have "lost the sale". Sometimes simply allowing a prospective customer some time to think can mean making a sale shortly after.

The exact same principles apply to your web customers - YES the majority of your sales will come from instant purchase based on your sales copy. But you are losing so many "sales" when you don't give your visitor the option of leaving an email for more information. (simple autoresponders can be used here to continue building the relationship with that customer).

A customer that leaves without building any form of relationship is gone forever.

Before leaving a customer that leaves you his/her contact information is still a customer, they may not have found exactly what they needed to be closed today.

That customer can still be closed and will appreciate your contacting them to make sure they don't have any more questions.

~Proffessional Sales Trainer

This same sales process applies to your affiliate sales website - lets face it your affiliate sales site is your "salesperson" why not build your site with the ability to close the customer either RIGHT NOW or at a later date.

Affiliate Genie Pro Tools is more than just a fully customizable exit pop up manager but a complete set of tools to turn your affiliate webiste into a powerhouse closer.

Affiliate Genie Pro Tools provides the recepie for successfull promotion and conversion of your Affiliate Sales site.

Now that you have the tools to convert your visitors to customers, you can with confindence why not start driving more traffic to your site! Affiliate Genie Pro Tools has the tools to do just that for you.

Download Affiliate Genie Pro Tools Now!

what is included with pro-tools?

Affiliate Genie Pro Tools is a collection of plug-ins that will integrate seamlessly with Affiliate Genie to simplify the process of generating backlinks and traffic to your Aff Genie site.

SEO Tools generate backlinks and traffic to your site - getting you indexed quicker.

Increase Conversions there are tried and trued methods of increasing conversions with exit pops - Pro-Tools will do this for you.

And it gets even better...

Now that you will be able to conver the traffic you are currently getting on your site - here is how to get a whole lot more of it...

Start automatically generating backlinks from powerful RSS agregators to get more out of the content you already have. The best part is that Affiliate Genie Pro tools will do this for you...

Easily generate a entire list of urls in your site and automate the process of submitting the entire list to my provided list of ping servers. You are literally a few clicks away from generating truck loads of valuable backlinks to your existing site.

These tools make it so simple to convert my existing visitors AND increase my sites traffic at the same time.

The best part of it all is that most of the process will be automated and can work from within your Affiliate Genie admin panel.


Plug-in #1 - RSS Site Submitter

Generate valuable back links and RSS syndication for your Affiliate Genie site with your existing content. With one click our RSS submitter will publish your RSS feed at some of the top RSS aggregators.

Imagine the power of one click MASSIVE back link creation- We at Affiliate Genie will update the Aggregator list preiodically and allow you lifetime access to those updates.

Plug-In Features

  • One Click submission to multiple Aggregator/Backlink Sites
  • Expandability - Add more aggregators to the submission list
  • Lifetime updates to the aggregator list
  • Seamless integration with your Affiliate Genie Install

Plug-in #2 - POP-Up Manager

The most powerful Plug-In in the Pro-Tools Package - Imagine the possibilities for building your mailing list or capitalizing on those valuable visitors as they are leaving your site.

Provide a last chance offer as your visitors leave your site, serve up an opt in form to build you mailing list.

There is no single tool more powerful for turning your Affiliate Genie site into a powerhouse income driver

Plug-In Features

  • Virtually unblockable Pop-Up window
  • Fully customizable - Onload, OnExit, Once per day, Everytime ...
  • Completely integrated and editable from within your Affiliate Genie admin controls.

Plug-in #3 - CSS Editor

Affiliate Genie theme editor allows for the basics of editing your color and minor layout adjustments. This plugin gives you access to edit your entire CSS file directly inside of your Affiliate Genie Installation.

NOTE: You will require an understanding of CSS in order to edit your CSS files.

Plug-In Features

  • Code editor window inside Affiliate Genie
  • Quick Access to edit CSS without needing an external Code editor

Plug-in #4 - URL List generator

Automatically generate a complete URL list of your site - every URL in your Aff. Genie site instantly available as a .txt file for use with Ping Submitters and other Submission tools.

But wait - I have discovered the most powerful Ping tool available and your URL List is perfectly compatible with this product.

The Best part of it all is the tool is absolutely FREE - I will show you exactly how to get the Ping submitter and with the click of a button you will be able to automatically submit each and every page of your site to the top ping servers.

Not just the root domain of your site either - submit literally EVERY SINGLE page to the top ping servers with a few clicks...

Plug-In Features

  • Comprehensive Ping list
  • Automated URL Generator
  • Instructions to download and utilize the most powerful ping tool available today

The cost to purchase these tools individually and without the without the seamless intregration with Affiliate Genie would cost upwards of $500 not to mention the time you will waste learning how to use each one and then apply it to your Affiliate Genie site.

Start earning like the big players with a fraction of their traffic..

The entire Pro-Tools Package is only!

You Will Only Be Billed Once Ever
Instant Download after Payment
( .zip package)