What if you could quit your day job after making only 2 "sales"?

I will show you how I did just that below...

But first let me ask you a couple of questions:
  • If You're Honest With Yourself - How Soon Will You REALLY Be Able to Replace Your Job's Income With "Passive" Online Income (Adsense, Affiliate Programs, etc)?
  • What If You Could Rapidly Accellerate Your OWN Success (and Experience) by Doing Exactly What You're Doing Now - Except Getting Paid Upfront?
  • What If You Only Had to Find TWO "Buyers" to Realistically Replace Your Job Income, Start Working For Yourself - And Rapidly Gain Marketing Experience & Confidence on Somebody Else's Dime?

What most struggling affiliates don't realize is that their knowledge and abilities are a literal gold mine to local brick and mortar businesses - like your friendly mechanic down the street...

Unlike a competitive affiliate driven market (weight loss) making "Joe's Auto Repair" in Buckwheat Kansas rank for his most cherished keyword is literally thousands of times easier than getting a page 4 spot on Google for anything remotely competitive in the mainstream markets.

But Guess What? Joe doesn't know that and Joe doesn't care - Joe will be ecstatic to pay you for the privilege.

This is the reality of offering internet marketing services to local brick and mortar businesses that don't know what SEO even means, let alone how to possibly begin learning this so called dark science.

If your primary goal right now is to quit your job - understand that it will be infinitely easier to generate brainless results for local businesses (with little to no competition) while getting paid several thousand dollars to do so - as opposed to trying to start out in "dog eat dog" mainstream markets.

For the vast majority of local SEO campaigns in basically any city you can generate an effective stream of traffic and business for your clients with something as simple as submitting a few articles and basic social book marking.

Which as you know full well would hardly get you indexed in your traditional affiliate niche...

It may not be "passive income" but it this is without question the fastest, surest and most simplistic way to become independent from your job, free up more time and eventually build up the resources and experience to build a substantial affiliate business of your own.
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Step 1 - The foundation

The first section of my Web Business Blueprint will detail the exact foundations that you will need to easily make thousands of dollars while you are still working at your day job (no risk here). Building your foundation will save you literally thousand of dollars and countless hours in the future. I share with you the EXACT recipe for my success.

  • I detail where to start and learn the simple yet valuable skills needed to build your business
  • You will learn how you can use this system regardless of where you live in the world. There are businesses in EVERY town in every city that NEED this service but do not even know where to start
  • By following the steps in this package you will essentially be paid to gain more experience allowing you to move into even more profitable competitive markets in no time.
  • No matter what you experience level using this package and resources you can be up and running in only 48 Hrs. Your first PLAYING client is just a few days away.

Step 2 - Finding clients

In the second section of the blue print we will teach you how to effectively market your business for FREE and start receiving inquiries. Your first client is your first payment! You can receive your first $1000 up front and you haven't even started working...

The tactics you will be using to sell your services are the same as you will use to promote local businesses.

  • We detail through various methods of marketing your business for free using online services. You do not even need to leave your computer to begin promoting your new business and start making sales.
  • We'll detail how you can quickly analyze any business's online presence and put a simple high converting sales pitch together and start getting paid literally within 48hrs.
  • We will also let you in on little known and extremely valuable resources that will drastically reduce the time you actually have to work but allow you earn between $200 and $1000 per month per for each client.
  • We'll teach you how to become a pillar in your community for helping local businesses increase their sales while earning a six figure income yourself.

Step 3 - Grow your Income

In the third and final step we'll teach you how expand and grow your business and streamline much of your process giving you the ability to work less and increase your profit margins. The more push button you can build into your business the more profits you will generate. This system is not just for experienced "affiliate marketers", literally anyone can learn how to earn a substantial income from marketing local businesses in your area.

  • We'll teach you how to effectively manage your client base and simplify your invoicing and payment processing using alternate methods of payment.
  • We'll teach you how to avoid costly merchant accounts for accepting payments and setup reoccurring payment options for your clients.
  • We'll teach you what to avoid in new clients and how to not get stuck with that "problem client" that sucks your time for little profits.
  • We will also share information on how to approach highly profitable Government Contracts. Earn tens of thousands of dollars in the lucrative government sector.
  • In a nut shell we will teach you how to earn six figures, quit your day job and work less than you have ever worked before while making a substantial income.

Learn how YOU too can start making money RIGHT NOW using an untapped resource right under your nose...

Don't miss out on the opportunity to take your career and your business by the horns and get control of your life.
Download YOUR business blueprint now!

Why am I sharing these valuable business secrets?

It may seem too good to be true, But its REAL!

This system is global, I have no interest in any local than where I live. Sharing this valuable information allows ANYONE in ANY city to do EXACTLY what I did and build a hugely profitable web business in their specific area.

Why would you waste valuable years of your life to learn the lessons and experiences I am sharing with you today. I am offering you the unique opportunity to COPY my business model and start your own highly profitable web business.

Just 1 of my Clients provided me an income of over $50,000 over 2 years.
That one client allowed me to quit my day job.

After sending out the second invoice to this client I realized that I was wasting my time at my day job - continuing to work my day job actually was going to be be costing me money. The next day I walked into my bosses office and quit. That was 3 years ago and I have never looked back."

Each year since my business has literally DOUBLED using the methods detailed in my web business blueprint package!

Ask yourself why you are still working for someone else at a dead end job! Is it to pay the bills? Get out of debt? or just scared to take the leap into being your own boss. My exclusive package will take the fear out of starting your own web business and you don't even need to quit your day job until you are ready.

There is no disputing the success of this program. I was stuck in a dead end sales job just to support my family while in my spare time (evenings) I tried my hand at, Affiliate Sales, Ad sense sites and more to no avail. With my limited experience I was unable to generate enough revenue to become financially independent in this highly competitive market.

What I did do was learn valuable "Web Design and marketing Skills" Building on these basic skills I built a six figure client based business with residual passive income for years to come.

I will teach you just how brainless it can be to do just that without going after expensive high traffic keywords in extremely competitive markets. My system will teach you how to build a business using the local businesses around you. This package includes everything you need other than your commitment to get out of the rut and into the freedom of "Being your own boss".

These are real numbers of what I have been able to accomplish using this blueprint. Just one of my clients generated me over $50,000 during the first 2 years of business. Imagine walking into your day job and standing in front of your boss and saying those ever empowering words " Mr Smith I am giving you my notice, I QUIT! "

There are millions of people out there just like you who are looking for a way to supplement their income and eventually Quit their day job.

After 10 years of experience, many successes and failures I have put together the blueprint for business success in the realm of web design and internet marketing for clients. The power of the knowledge in this book! can help you generate a SIX FIGURE income with only a hand full of clients.

In a short period of time I am now earning 3 times what I was making in retail management. I have more free time, less financial stress and a better quality of life. I owe all of this to the methods detailed in this package.

how much is this going to cost me?

The quick answer is nothing!

You have most likely ended up here after trying so called get rich quick schemes that can cost upwards of $1000 (the opportunities provided in this package are worth 100 times that.) If you are reading this page then you have obviously realized that they are just schemes and you have not gotten rich by pressing the button.
This is not a sit back and hope it makes money system, you can be making huge profits with your first client. By taking a deposit up front before you even start working. You will NEVER be sitting back and waiting for something to happen. Your financial future will be in your hands.
How can you put a $$$ value on years of experience, proven success? What I have done is make this package affordable enough for EVERYONE to reap the benefits. NO MORE get rich quick scams, NO more bull. It is time for you to take control of your life.

The best part of this method is that you can be paid while you educate yourself on the finer points of internet marketing, web design and development. Each new client will allow you to learn more about the the industry and expand your knowledge.

With that said if you decide to venture into the "Affiliate Marketing" world or have tried it before and was un-successful, you will now have the knowledge and resources to generate MASSIVE affiliate sales income with the knowledge and experience you have been paid to learn using my blueprint.
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still not convinced?

let me make things even easier

Order today and receive as a BONUS, my Tools & Resources Package a $197 value at no extra charge. All the tools you need to begin establishing and maintaining your Web business. Exclusive access to contracts, quoting and invoicing documents and discounts on valuable passive income reseller opportunities.

Bonus #1 - Quoting & Invoicing tools

Buy today and I will include at no extra charge and receive my invoicing tools (.xls) documents to simplify your quoting and invoicing for clients. Everything is done for you, no messing around with calculations and creating your own documents. All the hard work is done for you!


Included in this bonus package

  • Sample invoices for monthly services
  • Sample invoices for one time fees
  • Payment processing tips and tricks

Bonus #2 - Contracts & Agreements

All the contracts and agreements that you will need to manage your business and your sub contractors for services. Save on costly writing fees with my Contracts & Agreements package your business is setup for success out of the gate. Everything you need to make your first and future sales smooth and professional.

Included in this bonus package

  • Subcontractor agreements
  • Contract Acceptance forms
  • Hosting SEO Contracts
  • Web site Design Contracts

Bonus #3 - Reseller Services

With years of experience and success I have compiled a list of the best value reseller services to generate a monthly revenue. Maximize your profits and reduce the amount of time you actually work. Using these services and resources will literally build you a massive residual income business starting with your first client.

Included in this bonus package

  • SEO backlink promotions
  • Reseller Hosting services
  • Launch Promotion services
  • Printing services

Bonus #4 - Advertising & Promotion

Writing highly converting advertising copy is an art form and a costly outsource. I have provided for you advertising templates for your local ads, the copy included in these ads can be used when marketing your services to local business through the channels detailed in my package.

Included in this bonus package

  • Long form ads for internet directories
  • Short form ads for PPC campaigns
  • Email templates for services offers
Ask yourself why would I keep working like a slave when I can work for myself and earn the income I deserve without having to answer to some boss that frankly is not as talented or capable as I am. Don't miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity
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